Bean-to-Bar - White Craft Chocolate

Our cold-pressed, organic cacao butter is the world's finest basis for any white chocolate.

Dairy-free, we only use the best plant based milks to create the best flavoured white chocolate. 

If you typically dislike white chocolate, our's will truly convert you! So, give it a try!

Animal dairy isn't traditional and it actually inhibits flavour perception, it's a relatively recent addition that is very much the cheapest option for big industry.


We humbly offer the world's highest quality ingredients, expertly combined in a small-batch craft process.  

Boulders, Bonbons, Spread & Specials

Items on this page are made in very low volumes. 

They have a long shelf life: feel free to stock up.  Our bonbons last around a year, Boulders are good until September 2022 at least. In theory at least!  They're the perfect stocking filler, tree fancy or afternoon pick me up.


The quality and flavour of our base chocolates used in these delights have earned over 140 recognized awards.

We consistently create popular winners in all 4 categories:  dark, milk, white, cocoa butter bars.

Everything on our site is made using our own bean-to-bar Solkiki chocolate, which we create from raw ingredients imported directly from origin.  It is hand-tempered, labour intensive and patient work that takes several days and can't be rushed.


In 2014, we built our workshop to be renewably-powered.  Not just lower-impact, everything on the site is truly low-impact, in terms of land usage, CO2 generation and water usage, Solkiki Chocolate can make your shopping a little more sustainable.  The COP and future generations will approve - so please explore the site to find an unparalleled selection of truly fine, low-impact chocolate and stock up while you can!

Sometimes we list just 2 or 3 of a particular chocolate (Apple Walnut Cinnamon Boulder fans - sorry, we're trying to make more soon!) But, we update the selection most weeks.  Sign up to our newsletter or follow on social media to be the first to hear about new releases or restocks.  Straight from the workshop to you (and all made from bean-to-bar) it'll be the freshest chocolate you've ever tasted.