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A big thumbs up to Solkiki’s Brazil Tumbled, which are lovely big fresh Brazil nuts covered in 60% Peruvian chocolate. These are delicious and quite probably the best chocolate-covered Brazils ever tasted. - Annalisa Barbieri, The Observer, Dec 2023


Organic whole Brazil nuts, tumbled, tossed and turned in a torrent of our Salted Caramel 60% Peruvian dark milk, that uses the much loved and highly historic Fortunato No.4 cacao.


The Salted Caramel 60 that enrobes each brazil nut, well... it just earned World Silver with a score over 90 points in the International Chocolate Awards - World Final - November 2023!


They arrive in a resealable 155g pouch and are finished with a light glaze and dusting of goldspecked World Bronze organic natural cocoa powder!



CONTAINS Brazil nut.

Tumbled - Whole Brazils - Salted Caramel 60% - Peru

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