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European GOLD medal, Organic Dark Chocolate 2018.

World Silver, Organic Dark Chocolate, 2018

European SILVER, ICA 2020

Great Taste * 2020



Kathryn Laverack @ Cocoa Encounters, International Chocolate Judge

How can savouring a simple piece of chocolate give you the feel good factor of enjoying the juxtaposed and harmonious flavours of cereal, fresh and dried fruits, drizzles of manuka honey and mingled juices of fruit and yoghurt?  Impressively intruiging.


Gran Chililique: ultra-premium cacao, winner of the 2013 Peruvian Gold Cacao Award. This cacao grows on the hills around Chililique, and benefits from very favourable climate conditions.  The cacao growers are smallholders that live and cultivate cacao around this community, located in the District of Chulucanas, Piura, North Peru.


50% of the members of this small cooperative are women who - with hard work and dedication - produce one of the most flavourful cacao beans of Peru. Solkiki are proud to promote these wonderful cacao beans and support gender equality.

70% Gran Chililique - Piura, Peru

  • Organic Gran Chililique cacao beans, unrefined organic cane sugar.

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