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European Silver - ICA - 2021-22

Special Award:  Local Ingredients

* Great Taste Gold Star 2021


Local Samphire inclusion from Devon's south coast, combined with Gran Palo 67% (52% cacao beans +15% natural cocoa butter) dark chocolate.  Super limited edition of under 1000 bars.


In the words of esteemed ICA judge and certified IICCT taster 'KL':


The Palo Blanco chocolate has a bold full bodied aroma: deep chocolate and plums with some brighter fruit and a floral edge I think or am I just seeing the sea-lavender in my mind.

The salt hits you first, but it is then swirled around by red fruit, cherries, cream and malty hot chocolate. This is definitely a #meltnotmuch inclusion bar. As the chocolate ebbs and flows away the remnants of the salty samphire remain, waiting to be collected and
crushed between your teeth with the most satisfying crunch to reveal yet more waves of salt and memories of walks along the Lincolnshire marsh and coast.

Spectacular ️.


Thanks for the review, K!

This 67% dark chocolate has a smooth melt, with strong chocolate flavours, there are malty notes like brown bread, also a fruity acidity in the background and roasted hazelnut tones.

Samphire 67% - Peruvian Dark

  • Organic Gran Palo Blanco Cacao bean, organic cane sugar, undeodorised organic cacao butter, organic samphire

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