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Order our 2023 Advent Calendar 

Shipping NOW with a free bonus bar of your choice!  Just let us know in the message box during checkout, or via email after you have ordered.  Mention:  'FREE DARK' or 'FREE DARK MILK' or 'FREE MILK' for a highly awarded full-size bar with a long shelf life into 2025.   One bar per Advent Calendar :)   Offer ends Monday 23:59  27th Nov.

Highly limited in number 


Around 500g of Solkiki bean-to-bar chocolate, tumbled dragee and boulders!

24 Different Flavours 

Tasting guide and booklet covering each and every day's delights.



24 individually numbered foil pouches filled with Solkiki Chocolate accompanied by a special booklet & tasting record.    Individually wrapped minibars are presented in 3 of our resealable sharing pouches, also numbered. An award-winning  surprise everyday!


If buying multiple Calendars for sending around to various far-flung friends and family members, just add the addresses in the message box during checkout, or ping us an email afterwards with the details.  Every Calendar is identical, we found it's a very fun way to keep in touch with loved ones in the build up to the Years End.


Contains a very wide selection of Solkiki chocolate, minibars, dragees, a boulder and a full bar special for the 24th.


The individually numbered pouches: 1, 2, 3 etc refer to the date, not the hour :)  Although that would be a delicious day, don't you think?


Minibars have a best before of at least 18 months, dragee and boulders are best before May 2024.   No dairy and freshly made bean-to-bar means a very long shelf life!


Allergen information: Contains Brazil nut, cashew nut, pecan, hazelnut, coconut, coffee, alcohol and the 49% milk chocolate contains soy. Vegan friendly.  No palm oil. May contain traces of gluten.

Solkiki Advent Calendar 2023

  • Organic superfine cacao, organic undeodorised cacao butter, organic unrefined cane sugar, coffees, nuts, alcohols, soy, spices, marshmallows etc!

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