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Solkiki's own fresh-roasted Sicilian Pistachio and Temple Orange pairs perfectly with our Salted Caramel Maranon 60 from Peru.  Temple Orange is darker in colour than standard Mandarin, bringing floral, sweet and citrus notes to the floral, nutty pistachio.


Chocolate orange, fruit and nut, refined caramel subtlety in depth.. this bar has a lot going on.


Allergen information: Contains Pistachio NUT. Contains no soy, dairy, wheat, gluten, (dairy-free). Made in a facility that uses nuts. Vegan friendly.  No palm oil. May contain traces of gluten.

Each bar is 56gr/ 2oz.

Sicilian Pistachio & Temple Orange - Salted Caramel 60

Out of Stock
  • Organic undeodorised cacao butter, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic cashew, organic ginger, vegan poprox

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