Farmer and fermenter have fundamental control over the flavour profile of our cacao; their decisions and aptitude set the boundaries for us to explore.  The way we roast plays a role in the final flavour of the chocolate.   Maranon's Fortunato No.4 cacao is especially interesting for chocolatemakers because it is very sensitive to the roast.  The cacao is brimming with potential and can be taken in many different directions, not all of them satisfactory.  A few degrees here or there, moments longer or shorter, change the curve up or down... tweaking nothing but the roast is always fascinating - albeit time-consuming - exercise.  


This single bar is all that we can share from our roast research of 2018.  The deep roast illicits a totally different profile, but if you are familiar with our core 68% bar, you'll notice it is unmistakably Maranon, with a whole new dimension.  

Deep Roast Maranon - PERU - Vaulted 68%

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