Beautifully balanced cacao, yet versatile.  We've worked this cacao in many different ways and deciding where to go isn't easy: there are many truly delicious interpretations of this cacao.  Woody, spicy, fruity, floral, caramelly, downright chocolatey... it's brimming with potential and responds well to all kinds of process.   Dominant forastero is the best guess based on observation of the tree and characteristics of the cacao at every stage.  This is a very crude and clunky way to describe such an outstanding tree, in time we hope fresh studies and new work will help us make sense of genetics and epistomology thereof.   Grab a handful and enjoy unroasted, or throw some in the oven and see/hear/smell/taste what happens!  

Beans - Dominant Forastero - Kaithapara Vanam - 450g

  • Let us know if you do or don't enjoy our chocolate.  We will do whatever we can to learn, improve and keep you smiling.