Working with the natural malty notes of this cacao, we've added a higher than usual (by Solkiki standards) amount of cacao butter to create a quick release of the flavours. The extra cacao butter in the chocolate facilitates a quick release of the aroma's of this chocolate and also stimulates a quick development of flavours by a quicker melt on ones tongue, releasing the flavours immediately and fully. This follows the traditional French-style of chocolate making that most chocolatemakers, big and small, employ today. It is delicious to eat on its own, but also perfect for high quality couverture.


The bar reveals notes of Danish pastries and dried fruits. There are deep chocolate and malted notes throughout. Great fun to compare with our 72% Dark Palo Blanco or 65% Dark Milk Palo Blanco to learn about the difference of balance of ingredients and how cacao butter influences flavour perception in a chocolate. Both other Palo Blanco bars can be found in our webshop.


The cacao comes from a small community called Cesar Vallejo de Palo Blanco, Chulucanas, Piura. Smallholders like Juan de la Cruz Rivera, have cultivated for the last 28 years one of the most exquisite native’s cacao from Peru.   Gran Palo Blanco was awarded The Golden Peruvian Cocoa Award 2014.  Gran Palo Blanco is special cacao and recognized for its delicate flavours, aromas and fragrancesThese cacao beans are bright brown, with sweet and fruity acidity that remains, with a touch of nuts such as dry plums, medium rounded body, with medium chocolate flavour, presence of malt notes and nutsIt is a cocoa of low astringency and bitterness, with a creamy texture. 


Gran Palo Blanco is a very special