Making Chocolate Better   

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Our sourcing principle is more than simply paying what the farmers ask. 



At Solkiki, direct trade means we work in partnership with farmers and fermenters to improve both quality of cacao and livelihoods, long term.

All bars are 56g/2oz.  If you want more, we offer kilos of shards or chef's couverture.

Everything is and will always be vegan friendly

We ship worldwide - free standard UK postage for all orders - also offer special delivery for last minute  

Vegan-owned and vegan-operated, Solkiki Chocolatemaker is Europe's first Vegan bean-to-bar craft Chocolatemaker.

Inventive and self-taught, Solkiki Chocolatemaker is also Europe's first 2-ingredient, microbatch  bean-to-bar craft Chocolatemaker.

Delicious gourmet chocolate delivered to your door.


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Photograph credits: Michal Lucky